Do you have dreams and goals you want to accomplish?
Are you ready to move forward?

Is something stopping you from being as true to yourself as you can?
Is it difficult to push it out of the way?
Are you ready to unlock your life potential and fulfill your heart’s desire?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, you’re in the right place.

Individual or group coaching options
Contact me to design a package that works for you.

  • Use goal setting tools and strategies

  • Use decision-making tools for important life choices

  • Acknowledge disappointments and find ways to handle frustration and negative emotions

  • Obtain support in a respectful, safe and confidential environment where you feel comfortable sharing

  • Learn skills to handle stress associated with life’s challenges at home and at work

  • Promote change through positive action

  • Learn relaxation and stress management techniques

  • Identify stress triggers and understand how to better respond when those triggers arise

  • Measure your E-Factor with iPEC's Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) Assessment. This assessment measures your level of energy based on your attitude or perception and perspective of your world.

As a Life Purpose Coach, I help you to look within to recognize and prioritize the things that have value to you. By using specific tools and techniques, you can discover what feels right, aligns with your values as well as have the confidence to move forward and follow your goals and dreams. You will then be in a better position to access and take advantage of the various opportunities that come across your path.


"I am extremely grateful for the coaching I received from Frances. Going through the program made me more aware of how I respond to stress and readily identify triggers that cause stress.  It really has helped me to use the situations that are stressful to help catapult me into a higher level. I have learned how to use everything for my good and therefore maximize my potential. Thank you Frances. I'm looking forward to upcoming sessions." 

-Trina Miller