Life Purpose Coaching | Infertility Coaching
Individual or group coaching options
Contact me to design a package that works for you.

  • Learn skills to help you during the journey of infertility

  • Acknowledge infertility disappointments and find ways to handle negative emotions

  • Obtain support in a respectful, safe and confidential environment where you feel comfortable sharing

  • Learn skills to handle the stress associated with life’s challenges and managing infertility and pregnancy loss

  • Use decision-making tools to assist with choosing family building options and other important life choices

  • Promote change through positive action

  • Learn relaxation and stress management techniques

  • Identify stress triggers and understand how to better respond when those triggers arise

  • Measure your E-Factor with iPEC's Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) Assessment. This assessment measures your level of energy based on your attitude or perception and perspective of your world.

Infertility has a way of making you feel robbed and incomplete. Many times you are just looking for someone willing to listen to your concerns, have compassion, and give you hope that life can be better. You may be looking for someone that understands it’s ok to be honest about how you truly feel without the fear of being criticized, feeling guilty or being ashamed.

I may not know exactly how you feel, but I do know from personal experience what it means to not be able to conceive. There is hope after the rain. If you are willing, you can choose to be happy and whole again. I’m here to help. I invite you to go to the “About” page on my website to take the Fertility 5 Personal Assessment Tool Empowered by Resolve and then let’s talk.